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There Will Come Soft Rains

There Will Come Soft Rains (by Ray Bradbury) is an audio narrative that explores telling a story with sound and no visuals.  Performed by Kennedy Jean (narrator, house voice), the emotional story of the final house standing after a destructive war and its ultimate demise. 


Hookman is a stage play by Lauren Yee in which a young girl suffers the death of her best friend in a car accident over Christmas break. Little does she realize, events leading to the car crash were much different than initially recalled. Below are some of the sounds that I found integral to the story-telling and the action of the play.  

Paint by Bumpers

Paint by Bumpers is a Ludum Dare game made in 48 hours. My role in the game jam was to composer the music and develop the UI sound effects.  Most UI sounds were made of actual car noises, repurposed for the clicks and hovers and car selection of the game. You can play the game here

Crayon Face

Crayon Face is the product of the San Diego IGDA Game Jam. Almost all the sounds were produced via Foley, such as Crayon Face's walking asset.  You can hear him walking on the paper the world is set on.  The game is available to play for free here.

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