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Charlie Ritter

Charlie Ritter

Sound Designer

Sound Design Reel
Hello there.

My name is Charlie and welcome to my portfolio page. I am a sound designer for games and I'm currently working as an Audio Test Analyst at PlayStation Studios.   In my time at PlayStation, I have supported titles from Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart, MLB The Show 2022, and Horizon Forbidden West with a focus on mix support, testing, and communication between teams. Along with my work, I have been able to be mentored by senior sound designers on the team and have learned proprietary software, middleware, mastering tools, and common practices of the sound design pipeline. 

Sound design has always been a field that interested me, but it wasn't until I played Playdead's Inside that I fully understood sound design as a storytelling medium. This experience was the catalyst that prompted my pursuit for a career in sound design and influences my approach to this day. I am always searching for creative ways to convey story elements through sound. I look forward to learning all the creative ways folks use sound to tell their story and grow as a sound designer and collaborator. 

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